The profession of a musician was a clear decision for me, because music has influenced all phases in my life. What was once a childhood hobby, is now at the same time my profession, my work and my passion. In my work, I aim to discover that which is essential in music. The emotions and the inspiration behind the notes function as a compass on this journey.


In this homepage, I present an overview of my experience as a choral conductor, composer and teacher of choral conducting so far. My wish is to be able to expand these experiences in my new home country, Germany.



Welcome to my home page! I am Mikko Sidoroff, a musician, choral conductor and composer living in Mannheim, Germany. I am currently working with the Krysostomos Chamber Choir, which was founded by me, and completing post-graduate studies of choral conducting at the Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts.



Bundesakademie (B-course of choral conducting)
Wolfenbüttel, Germany
1. Phase: 21. – 25.2. 2018
2. Phase: 27.6. – 1.7. 2018
3. Phase: 31.10. – 4.11. 2018
4.-6. Phases are going to be held in 2019


24.3.-7.4.2018 (Düsseldorf, Germany)


EuroChoir 2018 (Sing Outside the Box)

19.-27.7.2018, Helsinki (Finland)
EuroChoir is an annual choir event, organized by the European Choral Association. In 2017, it will take place in Utrecht, as part of the project "Sing Outside the Box"This project, lasting two years, will be conducted by Maria van Nieukerker (NL), Lorenzo Donati (IT) and Mikko Sidoroff (FI).


Europa Cantat Tallinn 2018
27.7.-5.8.2018, Tallinn (Estonia)